Hannah & Tom's Fairytale Devon Woodland Wedding

Married in a magical woodland glen in the grounds of the stunning Powderham Castle in Devon, beautiful bride Hannah walked up an aisle (after making groom Tom sweat for a fair few minutes…) under a shower of blossoms falling gently in the warm breeze, to be greeted by her handsome - and a little emotional - groom, Tom. It looked like a scene from a Devon-based fairytale, such a beautiful place to hold a wedding. For the duration of Hannah and Tom's outdoor ceremony the sun shone brightly, a wonderful pocket of good-fortune sandwiched between some serious downpours! No amount of rain (and later there was A LOT) would dampen the spirits of these two lovebirds though, tears (mainly Tom’s, sorry Tom!) and lots of laughter featured throughout the day. I'm not sure who was more excited about the day's events - Hannah and Tom, or Tom's two children, who by all accounts were having the best day ever! The love between Hannah and Tom was evident for all to see, and celebrate. By the time I left, the party was already looking pretty epic - Hannah and I went to school together, so I was fully able to appreciate some of the class 90s songs being played ;-). Hannah, Tom - I wish the two of you every happiness, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to photograph your big day!