Catherine & Andy's Rather Special Bruton Wedding

Catherine and Andy's wonderful Somerset wedding - with a twist!

The twist being, I was a guest!! Yes, this wasn't a working day for me. In fact, the photographs below are almost all of the tiny handful that I took at Catherine and Andy's beautiful, chilled out, simple and relaxed Somerset wedding in Bruton on Saturday. I've been lucky to call Catherine a good friend since as a teenager she arrived at our school with an exotic mix of beauty, mystery and a wicked sense of humour. Having recently moved back from Montreal, a Devon girl at heart, Catherine soon settled back into Devon life and with the foundations of a friendship for life, many years (decades, even) later when she met Andy (for whom I couldn't possibly imagine a more suited match), it was with great delight that I was able to declare how much I would enjoy being able to watch them wed as a fully participating guest! As tempting as it was to offer to shoot their big day - Catherine being exceptionally photogenic for a start (and Andy too of course!) - it just wouldn't have been the same. I didn't want to miss being fully immersive in the emotions of their wedding day and though I did sneak my camera along, thinking I might possibly indulge in recording parts of the ceremony from a guest's perspective for fun, on learning that morning that more friends of old, whom I hadn't seen for many years, yet held fond memories of, were also in attendance it cemented my decision to be fully present throughout all the key parts of their wedding day rather than disappearing off into the world behind my viewfinder (with the exception of a handful of snapshots below).

It certainly wasn't a decision I regret because it really was rather joyful being able to watch Catherine and Andy exchange vows and to party into the night with them and friends old and new (along with my dodgy dancing being unleashed in full). Their day was relaxed, fun, outdoorsy and unpretentious just like the two of them. Both Catherine and Andy indulging in their first marital combat - a game of rounders! 

Catherine, Andy - you awesome pair of beauts! From the moment I met Andy when he rocked up in your kitchen, Catherine, early on in your dating, I knew you were a perfect match just by watching the way you so easily gel together - i'm proper pleased for you! And I, for one, can't wait to see your wedding photographs when they're ready! Congratulations to you both! Lots of love, Amy xx