A Devon Wedding Photographer on Holiday!

It's the end of the wedding season for me this year and in-between being knee-deep in finishing editing from my season's wonderful weddings and planning for next year, as the night's in Devon were drawing in, I took a little trip to sunny California to refresh and revive. Well...you can take the wedding photographer on holiday...! Watching the sun set over the awe-inspiring vista from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, what did I see, but a (very chilly - it was -1!) couple on their destination wedding shuffling out onto the rocks for a set of posed couple shots with their wedding photographer. The sun at that point was just beginning to cast the most gorgeous pink hue over the mountain tops and I couldn't help myself from doing a sneaky 'Uncle Bob' and taking a few shots of them myself from my vantage point high-up on the rocks behind them. What a place to get married! It would take some serious dedication to brave the long, steep drive, and then hike out to this spot for sunset in the freezing cold, but my oh my, if you're after some destination wedding photographs with some serious wow factor, this destination has got to be up there! Sooo, anyone need a destination wedding photographer to shoot their wedding at Yosemite National Park? I'm totally game... :) 

A short while later, as the sun (and temperatures) dropped even further, the most incredible deep pink hue developed. I so wanted to call the bride and group back, just imagine a silhouette shot in this light!! It was about -3 by this point mind! I'm sure they were desperate to get back and get warmed up after braving it out on the rocks for a good hour!