Ibukun and Kate's Spring Wedding at Trevenna & St Neots, Cornwall

Heading off to photograph my second wedding of 2018 I left a sunny Devon praying that the glorious morning would hold out as I crossed the bridge to Cornwall to deliver sunshine for the wedding of Ibukun and Kate in St Neots. Whilst the glorious blue might have failed to follow me from Devon, the unseasonably snowy weather of late thankfully decided to give the happy couple a break and they were able to enjoy a dry, if a little chilly, day! It was such a pleasure to photograph Kate and Ibukun's day, their friends and family echoed their warmth and friendliness and you could really see how happy everyone was to be celebrating their marriage. Highlights included; Kate's fabulous blue shoes, the beautifully colourful ribbon-bedecked reception room, watching Ibukun's face as he turned back after seeing his bride walk down the aisle, trying to convince wedding guests from Africa that Cornwall isn't always this cold, a very happy dancing page-boy, some epic dancing to the tune of 'Happy Birthday to You' later in the evening, dedicated to several family members who'd had recent birthdays! Kate, Ibukun - it was great fun being your wedding photographer, you exuded love and warmth for each other and I have no doubt that you will enjoy a long and happy marriage. Congratulations!