Natalie & Mike's Cornwall Wedding in Glorious St Ives

There is only one thing I love to photograph more than a beach wedding, and that is a beach wedding in the beautiful St Ives in glorious Cornwall!! As I left home in rainy Devon (notice a theme developing this summer) I headed down to West Cornwall praying that Natalie and Mike’s dreams of a sunny beachside wedding in what was also one of their favourite places, St Ives, Cornwall, would come true. And lo and behold, in the depths of Cornwall, as I drove up to St Ives Harbour Hotel sunshine started to appear through the stormy clouds. Now, I am starting to wonder, do I have some sort of magical rain-chasing powers as a wedding photographer? Because this pocket of lucky wedding weather keeps happening to me (future couples - I don’t like to promise anything here!). Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Natalie and Mike - when we met months ago in their hometown of Cheltenham where I was photographing another wedding in the nearby Cotswolds we both discovered we shared a long-term love of St Ives, and to them it had become a hugely meaningful place in their relationship, so it seemed only natural that if they were to choose a place to hold their wedding, St Ives would be it. The love was very clear to see between these two; they were so happily relaxed in each other's company, and complemented each other so well. They seemed to feed off the energy from their love of being outdoors, walking across the beach, hands outstretched into the wind. Highlights of their day included: Mike's tie being given serious attention to ensure it was knotted correctly; Natalie's arrival in the sunshine just seconds before a rain shower started; Natalie and Mike's Poldark and Demelza moment on the St Ives sands; the amazing jive dancing displayed in the evening; my first ever reception-based wedding paper aeroplane war; the sunshine! Natalie, Mike - wishing the two of you the very best of happiness for your future lives together as man and wife.