Vikki and James's South Devon Wedding at Sharpham House

One of my favourite places to photograph weddings in the whole of Devon is the exquisite Sharpham House, tucked away on the banks of the River Dart in one of the most picturesque valleys in South Devon. It has one of the most incredible stairways I have ever seen. I also seem to be granted with the good fortune that anytime I have photographed a wedding at Sharpham House it has been gloriously sunny, no matter the time of year!

Which brings me to Vikki and James's wedding - a couple with one of the most amazing stories i've heard to date. Vikki and James met when James was Vikki's guide for a 10-day trek across the Himalayas and their love has blossomed between their respective homes in Seoul in Korea (Vikki) and Ottawa in Canada (James). With a baby on the way, and hopes to set up home in the same country now that they are married, Vikki and James's beautiful wedding celebrations were a wonderful mix of countries, cultures and guests from all over the world, all drawn together to celebrate such a remarkable meeting of two adventurous people in the most extraordinary way in a beautiful place. Highlights included: that balcony scene - in true daredevil style, James and Vikki clambered out onto the balcony to wave to their onlookers in the most Royal fashion; the gorgeous sunlit gardens on the banks of the Dart; many fascinating chats with guests from all over the world - and feeling rather proud of such a beautifully (and unusually) sunny Devon; the gorgeous tipi - echoing the multicultural feel to the celebrations it was beautifully decorated; James and Vikki's story - just awesome! James and Vikki, I wish you, and your soon to grow family, the best of happiness for your married future together.