Annabel and James's Glorious Spring Devon Wedding

After what seemed like a winter lasting for an eternity, Annabel and James's wedding day at Ugborough church in Devon was greeted in a blaze of glorious spring sunshine! With wedding prep being helped along by Pip the dog - always present with a pose and a helping hand with the dress - the day got underway with calm excitement. Any ceremony nerves were soon dispersed after a tense moment when the rings slid from the vicar's grasp onto the church floor with a dramatic clanging. Thankfully Ugborough church has no grates so they were soon safely retrieved and the ceremony was able to continue amid much relieved laughter! Then it was off to the idyllic New Barton Barns at Wembury, to party the day away. Highlights included; that moment with the rings (once safely retrieved!), a very tense giant Jenga game; strolling out on the cliffs in the sunshine; all squeezing in Miles the Videographer's Skoda, with James at the wheel, to whizz back along the coast, the brilliantly clever and very funny best-men speech - delivered in the form of a prosecution case against groom James; dodgems - yes, this wedding even had dodgem cars, amazing! Turns out controlling a dodgem and a camera at the same time is fairly tricky! All in all, it was a fantastic wedding day with a couple very clearly in love. Annabel, James - wishing you the very happiest of marriages!