Suzanne & Callum's Spring Wedding at Huntsham Court, Devon

Wow, what a wedding! As Devon and Scotland merged into one big wedding party to celebrate the marriage of Suzanne and Callum (a Scotsman) with their friends and family it was a day packed full to the brim of life, expression, love and laughter! Driving through the mist towards the impressive gothic mansion Huntsham Court (recently seen on Made in Chelsea for MIC fans) the sound of bagpipes pierced the air, it was atmospheric to say the least. After getting ready in the gorgeous house, beautiful bride Suzanne was able to make the short walk down the drive to the estate's own church where Callum was waiting. After an exchange of vows front of friends and family, Suzanne and Callum celebrated their marriage by celebrating with some serious handfuls of confetti, a lot of laughter, and some epic ceilidh dancing. Their fun, relaxed and laughter loving personalities were reflected by the fact all of their friends and family were just as awesome! A dream of a wedding to photograph for a documentary wedding photographer, highlights included; The bagpipes, the kilts, the ceilidh dancing, the tartan (oh, how I love Scotland!), the amount of laughter and banter throughout the day, the awesome cake made by one very talented Solicitor (a business in wedding cake making awaits!), Suzanne's warm-up moves on the dance floor, the confetti blizzard. Suzanne, Callum - you were both a joy to photograph, so much love and laughter between you. I wish you both the very best of happiness for your future together.