Claire and Rob's Awesome Australian-English Devon Festival Wedding

I had a feeling that Claire and Rob’s wedding was going to be an epic wedding to photograph, when the wedding reception directions is solely a set of coordinates then you just know that it’s going to be a pretty special venue. Tucked away deep in the mid-Devon countryside, Claire and Rob had created their very own festival village for their outdoor tipi wedding. A colourful parade of amazing costumes, glitter and glam it was a treat for the eyes, and to photograph. Claire (who is Australian) and Rob (who is English) met by chance at a party on Rob’s adventures down-under. That chance meeting sparked a magical journey that saw Rob moving in four days later, and they’ve never looked back. Highlights of the included: Rob and Claire’s energy and spark for each other; the guest’s outfits; the tipi village and an amazingly beautiful van conversion; the mega party atmosphere; some amazing interpretive dancing. Claire, Rob, your wedding was fantastic to photograph, and I wish you every happiness and many more adventures for your future to come!