Lara & Michael's Stunning Somerset Wedding at Brympton House

Wow, what a wedding day that was! As a Devon wedding photographer I am privileged in that I get to spend my weekends unearthing beautiful places i've never visited before, this weekend was no exception, although this time leaving Devon behind and travelling up to the stunning Brympton House, in Somerset, for the wedding of Lara and Michael. Brympton House is an imposing medieval manor house hidden down an innocuous lane just off of the main road into Yeovil. What made this wedding extra special is that not only do lovely bride Lara and I share a very close mutual friend (hi Nay!), another lovely mutual friend was also to be conducting the ceremony (hi Lou!). I first met Lara and Michael on a venue visit earlier in summer, where we talked and joked that we'd all be happy with anything weather wise as long as it was dry (but secretly all hoping it would be a fine summer's day), and guess what? Wall to wall sunshine! Happy days! Lara and Michael are so at ease with each other, and both such lovely people that it is clear to see that they've found a perfect match in each other. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph their gorgeous day, Lara looked beautiful and Michael looked very dapper in his suit. Highlights of the day include: Almost setting myself on fire by not realising I was backing into a rogue candle during the ceremony & then spending the rest of the day with wedding guests thinking I had bird poo all down my back due to the wax (haha, okay, the 'highlight' part was the comedy factor!); Lara's divine dress with a stunning train, seeing Naomi and Louise at the same wedding; Louise's moving and fun ceremony; Michael's sister's amazing poem; the giant marshmallows being toasted on the fire; the cute little flower girls who kept giving me leaf presents; Brympton House - the place is to die for; Lara and Michael's little grins they kept shooting each other all day. The only think that could have made the day better, would have been if I had beaten groom Michael's step count (he put me to shame with 19000 steps to my 16000 by the time I left!). Lara, Michael - it was an absolute pleasure to photograph your beautiful wedding and I wish you ever happiness in your wedded future together, i've a feeling it will be a very happy one :).