Finalist in the South West Wedding Awards

I was hugely humbled this week to receive the news that I am one of the finalists for 'Reportage Photographer 2017' in the South West Wedding Awards. The reason why this particular selection means so much, is that to reach finalist stage, the voting is based on scoring and comments made by you, my lovely clients. Thank you! This means more to me than you might imagine. Whilst being a wedding photographer is my profession, it is also very much my passion. Every image I supply to my clients has been considered and contemplated (and sometimes going through a difficult selection process of its own!) to ensure that it is the very best choice to reflect that particular moment. You might think that after doing so many weddings, whether my clients consider my work pleasing or not becomes something to be taken for-granted. Quite the opposite, every delivery is made with the same excitement mixed with trepidation and hope that you can please, as the first. Every email or social media comment to affirm a happy client is received with as much joy as the last.

Feedback, to me, is a hugely important driving force in my wedding photography, it is what pushes me through tired nights, long days, moments of doubt and uncertainty. Any negative aspect to working in the wedding industry can immediately be turned on its head entirely by something as simple as reading "I love this picture!". I know it is probably a little bit sad (or mad) but sometimes I like to go back over my emails or through my photographs on my social media pages just to re-read those comments. It really means that much. So to have been selected as a finalist in the South West's longest running wedding awards on the basis of the thoughts and comments of my clients makes me a very happy wedding photographer indeed - thank you, you lovely bunch!