Rachel & Simon's Cornish Outdoor Wedding

Leaving a rain-soaked Devon behind I set off for Rachel and Simon's Cornish wedding keeping everything crossed that the weather would be kind enough to allow them to proceed with their dreams of an outdoor ceremony. Summer in Devon and Cornwall is a fickle beast when it comes to the weather and planning an outdoor wedding, however lady luck was on Rachel and Simon's side and miraculously, sat in what seemed like the only dry pocket in the whole of the Devon and Cornwall, their personal, humorous and moving ceremony was able to happen just as planned in the gorgeous lakeside setting. A very chilled, laid back pair, even the threat of the day being a washout wasn't enough to dampen their moods and the day was full of relaxed joy. Rachel, Simon - I wish the two of you every happiness in your wedded future together (and hopefully a little more sunshine than rain!).