A Devon Wedding Photographer On Tour

Sometimes people ask me if I get bored of taking photographs. The answer is a firm "no". 

You see, the brilliant thing about being a wedding photographer is that you are working with your passion. Well, I speak for myself at least. For me, capturing moments and memories is an integral part of how I view the world and being based in glorious Devon often helps that aim, pair that with weddings and life starts to look like a photographic dream, so to be able to take a week visiting the Scottish Highlands and Islands meant one thing, and one thing only - a devon wedding photographer on tour. My trusty camera hiked with me across shore and up mountain, though sunshine and snow: from Glasgow to Fort William; Fort William to Isle of Skye; from Isle of Skye to Torridon and then back down the west coast to Glasgow. 

Scotland is so spectacular that I could rarely put my camera down other than to allow the view to sink into my retinas. If you have yet to visit, I urge you to go. You won't regret it! I am also available to shoot weddings across Scotland so if you are Scottish yourself or know of a Scottish couple due to wed, send them my way!